Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you wanna see me crawl across the floor?

Yay! April 17, 2009 you did just that. Now we can't keep you out of anything. And much to Daddy's chagrin, one of your favorite things is to pull out Wii game selections from the entertainment center. I know he doesn't understand that you are just trying to show him there are other games besides Super Mario Brothers, you will learn later in life that Daddy isn't so open to suggestions. : )
Even though you are now capable of crawling, you still like to let it be known that you would still prefer to walk. Now if we could just figure out this whole balance thing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Fresh Snow

Snow Suit!, originally uploaded by kellywoolen.

Hopefully we don't forget this song. The first time it snowed, I stayed home with you. You were in your vibey seat and we were watching the snow fall down and we(I) sang "baby's first snow Oh! Oh! Baby's first Snow!" Well we had to change the snow after teh second snow because wasn't your first snow anymore. Daddy cleverly added a drum line to the song and we changed the lyrics to "baby fresh snow" and we sang it every time it snowed.
Here you are enjoying the blizzard of 2009. We weren't sure you were going to be able to use the snowsuit. And frankly when is it a good time to take a baby out in a snowsuit? We had to carry you because you couldn't sit up in it. You toppled right over.
The good news? You were super cute in it. The bad news? You got zipped up in it and you got a cut under your chin. We felt horrible. But we got some cute pictures out of the excursion. I just felt our "Parents of the Year" award being yanked out of our hands.
Love Mums

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I will not eat the pie

You are NOT a picky child. The first time Daddy and I placed you in your bumbo seat for your first taste of rice cereal, we weren't sure you were ready for solids. But there you were unable to hold yourself upright yet, still no full control over your arms, but you could open your mouth wide and snap down on that spoon.
In fact your facination with food started long before your first taste of that white gruel. We weren't sure when it was exactly, but somehow the novelty of endlessly staring at Tweety's face had worn off when we weren't looking and you took to watching us eat intently from down in your vibrating chair.
when I mentioned this to the pediatrician at your four month appolintment they quickly brushed it off as a child's curiousity in the world around you. "She doesn't understand what you are doing, and just because she watches you eat doesn't mean she is hungry or ready for solid foods."
But you understood what the spoon was for and you snapped your mouth down around it hands held out behind you striking like a cobra for your gruel. When you turned six months we rejoiced as we took you to the store and picked out an assortment of foods. A world of pureed fruits and veggies that well basically tasted like a step above the gruel. You love the meal time and open your mouth eagerly and willingly. You cry when we get your little plastic bowl out, knowing what is coming and knowing that it isn't coming fast enough.
when you were eight months I broke down, and gave you cheerios. I was unsure if this was something you were ready to handle, but I figured "Heck the girls got eight teeth so why not?" YOU LOVED IT! You love putting your hands on your tray and feeling those little O's scatter across the plastic. You love the way they feel in your tight clenched little fists as you try and figure out how to get them out of there!
Then last week our good eating bliss suddenly comes to a screeching halt when suddenly the spoon is met with a flying fist and the sweet potato/gruel combo goes flying to the floor. I chock it up to bad timing on my part and head back in with a second spoon full which is met with your arms in a big X over your face!! You will only eat cheerios and will not even take a bite of what was one of your favorite foods just last week.
At lunch - same story except this time I brought out the big guns - PEAS WITH BROWN RICE - YOUR FAVORITE!!! And once again I am met with the defiant arms. Peas Shmeas. You will only eat the cheerios on your tray. So I get a thought, I quickly go to the kitchen and cook up some apple pieces and put them on your tray. To my suprise/chagrin you pick them up and put them in your mouth. I place some cheese on your tray and low and behold you will eat that too. The only thing you will not eat is BABY FOOD!!
Girl, why are you growing up so fast?!?!