Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Fresh Snow

Snow Suit!, originally uploaded by kellywoolen.

Hopefully we don't forget this song. The first time it snowed, I stayed home with you. You were in your vibey seat and we were watching the snow fall down and we(I) sang "baby's first snow Oh! Oh! Baby's first Snow!" Well we had to change the snow after teh second snow because well...it wasn't your first snow anymore. Daddy cleverly added a drum line to the song and we changed the lyrics to "baby fresh snow" and we sang it every time it snowed.
Here you are enjoying the blizzard of 2009. We weren't sure you were going to be able to use the snowsuit. And frankly when is it a good time to take a baby out in a snowsuit? We had to carry you because you couldn't sit up in it. You toppled right over.
The good news? You were super cute in it. The bad news? You got zipped up in it and you got a cut under your chin. We felt horrible. But we got some cute pictures out of the excursion. I just felt our "Parents of the Year" award being yanked out of our hands.
Love Mums


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