Monday, March 23, 2009

Pressure..Pushing Down on You

After my last post, I feel like I fully jinxed the situation. A couple of days after your silent night you started tugging at your ears, I took you to the doctor today. Turns out you are suffering from fluid in your ears, turns out there is no fix to drain it. You make faces of suprise from the pressure you feel in your ears, and it doesn't take much for your world to quickly come crashing down. (Like me taking the dixie cup the doctor gave you to play with out of your mouth so you don't choke -OH THE HORROR!!THANKS DOC!) In the eight and a half months of your life it seems like there has always been some challenge you have been faced with - teething, colds, fluid in the ears... with each new challenge I think we have turned the corner, I am done guessing,there is no corner in sight. Hang in there baby girl, this too shall pass.


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