Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes I just want it to slow down

You have been in my life offically for eight months. I say "officially" because I count the moment you were concieved as the real moment you entered my life, however they don't put that date on the birth certificate. I can't count the times people have told me, "it goes by so fast" but now I really know what that means.
Before becoming a parent, I can truly say I never knew what it was like to really put myself out there. Now that there is this beautiful girl out in the world that is partly me, I have never felt more vulnerable; or alive. I am not discounting every experience that I have had up to this moment, just realizing my own mortality. Not only have I made a mark on the world, now suddenly the world has made it's mark on me. I am out there..really out there. You are the heart on my sleeve.
The nine month journey to bring you to this outside world was filled with happiness and anticipation. I can't believe the child that grew within me, is growing so fast away from me, outside of me. Some mornings I feel like I can still feel you inside me, kicking with anticipation to join the world outside. And then I realize it is you...sleeping next to me kicking for more room STILL.
Eight months, eight teeth, I just want to capture things as I can remember. So I won't forget this journey.
Love, Mums


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